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The following are some links to related health care sites which may be relevant and useful to you.



Medicare Australia – Government health care website.


Better health channel - Health and medical information for consumers, from the Victorian government.


Diabetes Australia - "Minimising the impact of diabetes": includes publications, news and events, subsidised products, national programs and more.


Asthma Victoria - Official website for the Asthma Foundation of Victoria.


Coeliac Society of Victoria - A site for people in Victoria who have been diagnosed with Coeliac disease. Membership provides information on a variety of topics including living with a gluten free diet.


Heart Foundation Australia - Official website for the Heart Foundation of Australia. Includes information for both professionals and members of the community on fighting cardiovascular disease.


Arthritis Victoria - Arthritis information and support page for Victorians.


City of Whitehorse - Community Resources support  for residents. Click here for disabled parking permits for the City of Whitehorse.


Maroondah City Council- Community Resources support for residents. Click here for disabled parking permits for Maroondah City Council